School Sport and PE


Through the teaching of Physical Education at Northgate, the opportunity for competition and the range of extracurricular clubs offered, we strive to provide every child with the chance to explore and engage in a variety of sports to positively impact their physical and social development and support their emotional well-being.

We seek to provide a chance for all children to participate and learn in physical education, school sport and physical activity by providing a widespread and engaging curriculum, opportunity of inside and outside school competition, role modelling and extra-curricular clubs.

Our goal is for children to build a positive and healthy relationship with physical activity and continue to make confident choices in fitness and health throughout their lives.

All children regardless of ability, should leave Northgate with a feeling of accomplishment within PE and School Sport and an understanding of the importance that Physical Activity will play in their future.


The National Curriculum for Physical Education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Lead healthy, active lives.

We support children to achieve these aims through our 4 key PE values.

PROMOTE           INSPIRE             ENGAGE              IMPROVE


Physical Education in Primary School should be the start of a positive connection towards PE lessons, school sport and physical activity. Children should want to move onto secondary school feeling excited about the opportunities to come and maintain a desire to continue to participate inside and outside of school, whether that be in competitive sport, non-competitive sport or recreational activities. Offering the chance for the children at Northgate to participate in high-quality Physical Education will result in them aspiring to make excellent choices around sport, health, fitness and well-being in their future.

PE Lessons

Years 1-6 participate in two PE lessons per week, one of which is taught by specialist PE coaches. Our curriculum includes a wide range of individual and team sports, as well as gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics and OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities).

Our Swimming programme is taught at Grange Paddocks and is provided across Years 3 and 4, with both Year 3 classes completing half a term of classes, before moving up to Year 4 to complete a full term.

We have created some exciting links with outside sports clubs and are lucky enough to receive coaching from them throughout the academic year, promoting new sports and enabling other children to display existing skills.

PE in Early Years

A healthy relationship towards physical activity should start as young as birth and we pride ourselves at Northgate for offering the chance for all our Early Years pupils to explore and engage in a high level of physical activity and creative play. Our Early Years classes have 1 structured PE lesson per week as well as reception completing the daily mile every day. Every child is also given the opportunity to have at least 1 hour daily of active play in addition to break time and lunchtime, where they can access outside activities.


Across Years 1 and 2 children focus on the fundamental skills required in sport. These are taught through lessons in multi-skills, dance and gymnastics and focus on children mastering basic movements such as:

Running, jumping, throwing, catching, balance, agility and coordination.

They will also be taught to participate in team games, using simple tactics for attacking and defending and perform dances using simple movement patterns.


Across Years 3 – 6 children will master more challenging and complex skills such as:

  • Running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and combination
  • Playing competitive games, modified where appropriate
  • Applying basic principles of attacking and defending
  • Developing flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance
  • Performing dances using a range of movement patterns
  • Taking part in OAA individually and in teams
  • Evaluate performances and demonstrate improvement

School Sport

Outside of PE lessons we continue to improve participation in exercise, supporting the daily mile initiative. 

Our extensive range of extracurricular sports clubs before, during and after school offer children the chance to get involved in school sport, whether that be trying something new for the first time, participation for fun or developing talent. We recognise that all children regardless of ability want to get involved in school sport, so we continuously look at ways to grow the clubs on offer and create new links with local sports clubs.

Competition is a very important aspect of a child’s personal development and we support this with termly house sports competitions within school as well as class and year group competitions at different times throughout the term and ending with our much loved sports day, where parents are invited to come and spectate a showcase in PE.

We fully participate in the Birchwood Sports Partnership events, tournaments and leagues, as well as the KAS Football League and arranging matches with other local primary schools. We have had some brilliant successes, resulting in the school representing East Herts at County Finals. The children represent the school positively, showing good sportsmanship and respect to officials, organisers and each other.

Celebrating success in sport is very important to us as a school and we share all successes in weekly achievement assemblies and our school newsletter. Children are encouraged to provide competition reports on the event and are applauded for their efforts. 

Personal Development

Class Sports' Captains support sport within their lessons and beyond. They are selected termly across years 1-6 and they assist in a number of responsibilities within PE that allow them to showcase organisational and leadership roles.

We also have a play leader’s programme, which offers our year 5 pupils the chance to organise and lead more structured outdoor activities for the lower year groups. A variety of activities are offered for all and encourage children to stay more active at lunchtimes and feel a sense of belonging.

The welfare of our pupils is of upmost importance to us and we are passionate about inspiring them to increase their whole understanding of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Our Well-being weeks have been extremely successful and children are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities to support them socially, emotionally and physically. 


House Colours

Our school houses provide our pupils with a sense of belonging and an opportunity to demonstrate and improve their competitive spirit throughout the year in a series of team challenges and competitions ending with our much loved Sports Day.

School Games

We endeavour to provide our pupils with as many opportunities as possible to partake in competitive and non-competitive inter-school events and work hard to enrich the pupils school lives with physical activity. We currently hold the Gold School Games Mark.