Key Instant Recall Facts

  •  Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) are designed to support the development of the mental fluency skills that underpin much of the mathematics curriculum.  
  • Instant recall of facts helps enormously with mental agility in mathematics; when children move onto written calculations and abstract methods, knowing these key facts is crucial. For children to become more efficient in recalling them easily, they need to be practised frequently and in short bursts. 
  •  Each year group has been allocated six facts to focus on throughout the year, in line with the National Curriculum and age-related expectations. Time is dedicated in school  to ensure that the KIRF is practised and learnt so that children grow in confidence to recall their facts instantly. Parents are also asked to support at home.
  • Where a child is working below their chronological age group, they will be working on  the KIRF which matches their mathematical ability.
  • Children are  assessed on their KIRFs regularly and , where necessary, are provided with extra support to achieve it..


Top tips for supporting your child at home:

  • Practise little and often
  • Use time wisely. Can you practise this KIRF whilst walking to school or during a car journey?
  • You do not need to practise all aspects of the KIRF all at once; perhaps you could have a fact of the day, or a few facts per week to practise?

If you would like more ideas, please speak to your child’s teacher.