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Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage
Miss R Stott

R1 Teacher

Miss E Seers

R2 Teacher

Mrs C Bull

Nursery Teacher

Miss E Crowe

C1 Teacher

Miss N Goslitski

C2 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs G Aziz

C2 Teacher

Mrs K Port

C2 Teacher

Mrs E Shepherd

C3 Teacher

Mrs S Pratt

C4 Teacher

Mrs J Stephens

C4 Teacher

Mrs K Jones

C5 Teacher

Mrs K Crumpler

C5 Teacher

Mrs F Venning

C6 Teacher

Miss E Kavanagh

C7 Teacher

Miss S Adams

C8 Teacher

Mrs F Gitto

C9 Teacher

Miss G Williams

C10 Teacher

Miss A Hartley

C11 Teacher

Mr R Dunn

C12 Teacher