Headteacher's Welcome Message

Valuing the Individual, Celebrating Learning
Every Child, Every Chance, Every day
Northgate Primary School is a successful Academy school.
When children join our community, we know how important these early years are and we recognise how quickly the children grow physically, intellectually and socially during their primary education.  These are very precious years and we believe that it is vital for parents and teachers to work together to ensure that strong foundations for learning and caring are laid.
We are a learning community with high standards in every aspect of our school life.  We aim to create a school that is happy, safe and secure, where children have high expectations and are challenged in their learning.  We work hard to provide our children with a learning environment that enables them to develop into confident, well-balanced individuals who communicate with ease and have a sense of pride and achievement in all that they do.
Learning at Northgate is not a race.  Children develop and grow at different rates and in different ways.  We plan as a team to ensure that each child has an opportunity to achieve their full potential wherever they are in their learning.  We recognise that children have different talents and skills, and we aim to provide individual opportunities for children, as well as providing a broad and balanced school curriculum.  Parents, staff, governors and the wider community work together to ensure that the children acquire skills, knowledge and understanding across all areas of the curriculum so that they can develop a lifelong love of learning.
Communication between home and school is vital in supporting children's development in their learning.  We may not have all the answers, but if we are working together, we have more chance of discovering some of them!  So if in doubt, come and talk to us; we will certainly talk to you about any concerns we have.  The time, encouragement and support you give to your child in these early years will go a long way to support them in their years beyond Northgate.
Finally, we want children to enjoy their time at Northgate and we hope that they will continue to develop their love of learning long after their Northgate years.  Come and visit and see us in action.
Remember, learning is for life.
Mrs Jane Tanner