School Meals

The kitchen has been awarded 5 Stars for food hygiene by Hertfordshire CC and has now just been awarded the Silver Food For Life Award from the SOIL Association.
Since September 2017, we have been one of the few schools in the area to use locally produced fresh meat.

The school cook makes every effort to provide carefully balanced and nutritious meals each day and cooked meals are eaten in the dining area under the supervision of Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSA's) and teachers.

The cost of meals will be notified to you each term and should be paid for half-termly in advance. Parents can pay through eSchools (an on-line payment facility) or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Northgate Primary School.Dinners must be paid for in advance.

Packed lunches need to be sent in an appropriate strong, named container. Please do not give the children drinks contained in cans or glass bottles.

It is important that a decision to take either school dinners or to bring a packed lunch is made and kept to for our planning purposes. Please give half a terms notice in writing if you would like to change the arrangement for your child's lunch.

The menu in the link above has been altered for Northgate pupils and the changes are outlined below:
Week 1 Tuesday: Jacket potato with cheese or beans
Week 1 Wednesday: Cheese & baked bean pie instead of savoury quiche
Week 1 Friday: Ham instead of egg roll
Week 2 Monday:  Jacket potato with beans or cheese
Week 2 Wednesday: Roast chicken & stuffing instead or roast pork and apple sauce
Week 2 Friday: Fish fingers instead of fishcake and ham instead of egg roll
Week 3 Friday: Ham instead of egg roll

FREE SCHOOL MEALS - Are you missing out?

To find out if you are eligible and apply online go to or phone on 01438 737370.


Children are offered milk and a portion of fruit each day in Foundation and Key Stage 1 classes, as the school subscribes to the Government's 'Fruit and Vegetable Scheme'. For children in other years, you may wish to send in a mid-morning snack for break-time. We want to encourage our children to have good eating habits so please send in something healthy like a piece of fruit or a plain biscuit - do not send in sweets, chocolate items, crisps or nuts. This applies to packed lunches too.

NUTS We have a number of children in the school who experience a severe reaction to nuts. As this could prove fatal to them, Northgate School makes every effort to be a nut-free zone. Under no circumstances should parents send in snacks or packed lunches which contain any nut items, this includes peanut butter sandwiches, pesto sauce, bakewell tart and desserts that contain hazelnuts. Please check the pack of any items that you send into school.