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Admissions 2021

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions this year, unfortunately, we are unable to offer our normal school tours for prospective new parents.  However we have made a Virtual Tour that will show you what life at Northgate Primary School is like for our children, along with a Welcome to our Nursery video.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01279 652376.

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All Reception aged children will join the school from September.  Children start school in stages, aiming for all children to be settled in full time by autumn half term.
As an 'Academy' school, Hertfordshire County Council's Education Department deals with applications for Reception admissions.  Providing that you live within Hertfordshire and have registered with a local doctor, you should automatically receive information about the admissions process.  HCC prefer on-line applications and the school office can help with this if necessary.
Telephone 0300 123 4043 or go to if your child was born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016.  Applications can be made from 4th November 2019 until 15th January 2020. Places will be offered on 16th April 2020.
Children are admitted to Reception in accordance with the policy of Hertfordshire County Council.  Visits to the school are welcome. Please contact the school office for further information on 01279 652376.