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Highlights of Home Learning

"The online sessions were wonderful this morning.  The sessions were 'inspirational' and the girls absolutely loved them." Reception Parent
"Thank you for all you've been doing, it's remarkable really.  My child specially loved the treasure hunt activity, he read out all the words and was really entertained."  Reception Parent
"I just want to thank you for the wonderful feedback on my child's work - I had no idea you would video it.  You and the lessons today were amazing - and he sat here and watched it and went to bed remembering he had to do g & y tomorrow!"  Year 1 Parent
"I thought I'd share something positive with you in these strange times.  I know there is so much talk about home schooling having a negative impact on our children's lives, but I wanted to let you know that this hasn't been the case for us.  We truly believe you are doing a fabulous job and we think that our child isn't losing out on any of his academic learning." Year 2 Parent
Art Club
An art club, run by Mrs Riggs, one of our Teaching Assistants, was held at lunchtimes during the homeschooling period.  Below are some of the wonderful pictures submitted by the children.
Lower KS2
 "Thank you again for this week, you've been and made it absolutely smashing for the children, they are so lucky to have you as their teacher.  It's not easy at all teaching like this but you've made it lovely for them.  Thanks again and well done."  Year 3 Parent
"Thanks for the online lessons.  I'm really impressed with the google classroom set up and my daughter is also enjoying seeing and engaging with both you and her classmates ... this is so much better for her (and us parents) than the independent home schooling of the first lockdown!  You're all doing a fab job - go Northgate!"  Year 4 Parent
Upper KS2
"I think the last few days have been fantastic.  Thank you so much and for adapting online.  I'm assuming the structure's very similar to a school day but I think it's brilliant to have the registration and the interaction with yourself and other classmates.  From the child's perspective, I think you've made it as near to school as you can and I think the benefit for my daughter to be able to see and hear you and contact you is so motivating, encouraging and reassuring.  It's just me being able to support her that's the problem!"  Year 5 Parent
"We want to say thank you very much for all the effort you are putting into homeschooling - participating online makes my child feel connected to his teachers and friends which really helps him and he is getting through the work well and on schedule.  We appreciate how much organisation must be going into it all so we wanted to express our gratitude."  Year 6 Parent
School Council
School Council met in lockdown on Google Classrooms. We shared what was going well and gave suggestions to improve it.
One suggestion was for classes to choose their own learning topic one morning. We learnt lots of different things, including endangered animals and castles.
"We loved building bridges on the family science morning." Class 6
"We liked the art - curls and swirls and we could be creative."  Class 1
"It was tricky sometimes but I made it through by working hard." Class 2
"I liked the homeschooling Show and Tell sessions the most.  I love being back at school." Class 10
"I enjoyed seeing my friends online during all the live sessions and we LOVED the live PE lessons." Class 7
"I liked working together online as we all achieved more than being on our own." Class 12
"Home learning was tough but we got through by working together.  I liked all the live lessons." Class 8
"I enjoyed the English and maths live lessons and I liked my mum helping with my learning.  I learnt lots at home." Class 3