School Profile

Northgate is a two-form entry school with Nursery and is situated in a residential suburb close to the centre of Bishop's Stortford.
In 2008 the school expanded in response to the growing population of the town and its intake comes from 10 wards.  There are 241 full time pupils in KS2. 121 full time pupils in KS1 and 60 full time pupils in Reception. We have a nursery that offers either half day or full day places.
It is one of the oldest schools in our town, opening in 1839. The school has an excellent reputation within the community and Northgate converted to acadamy staus on 1st August 2012.


Key Data  
School Name Northgate Primary School
Local Authority Hertfordshire
Type / Category of School Primary / Academy
Age Range 3-11 years

Gender / Number of Pupils

(including Nursery)

Mixed / 460 approx
Head Teacher Mrs.J.Tanner
Chair of Governors Mr. B. Neill
Last Ofsted

28/03/11 Interim Ofsted - Outstanding

10/7/08 - Outstanding

The school profile is a short, annual document compiled by the Department for Education (DfE) that provides information to parents in a standard comparative format