Key Data


School Name

Northgate Primary School



Local Authority




Type / Category of School

Primary / Academy



Age Range

3-11 years



Gender / Number of Pupils

(including Nursery)

Mixed / 460 approx



Head Teacher

Mrs. L. Hotson

Chair of Governors

Mr. M. Hooker



Last Ofsted

28/03/11 Interim Ofsted - Outstanding

10/7/08 - Outstanding

The school profile is a short, annual document compiled by the Department for Education (DfE) that provides information to parents in a standard comparative format.

To access this information about our school, please visit the public service information website here: Northgate Primary School Profile

The school converted to an Academy in August 2012. Follow the links to access the memoradums and articles of the association and the funding agreement.:-

  Funding Agreement

  Articles Of Association

  Memorandum Of Association

  Northgate Primary School Trust Financial Statements

  VFM Statement 2013